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leads report on economic impact of climate change

A report co led by a campus professor and released Tuesday intends to advise businesses on investment prospects in the face of climate change. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and provides an economic perspective on the effects of climate change.

Goldman School of Public Policy assistant professor Solomon Hsiang, who has been at the vanguard of employing math models to study society and the environment, was in charge of the report''s econometric research.

According to Amir Jina, a doctoral candidate from Columbia University who worked with Hsiang, the report is unique in that it is backed by empirical social data instead of climate data, thus quantifying the financial results of climate change. Instead of providing solutions for climate change, the report aims to present the potential risks of upcoming climate change to assist businesses and investors in making sound decisions.

Robert Kopp, lead scientist of the report and associate director of the Rutgers Energy Institute, hopes the report will make it so that "climate change is not just part of the office of sustainability but (will become) a core part of the decision making process."

Researchers hope their presentation of the facts will depoliticize the climate change debate.

"We just want to say what the numbers say and make sure that everyone "Comprar Gh Jintropin" pays attention to it regardless of which side of the political spectrum they''re on," Jina, who "Anaboliset Aineet" was also a Goldman School of Public Policy visiting researcher, said.

The report covers decades of climate Sustanon 250 42 Compresse change research and looks beyond national averages Comprar Gh Jintropin to pinpoint potential favorable investment locations.

In its examination of rising sea levels, the Primobolan 1ml report looks at the vulnerability of many of California''s power plants and generally increased likelihood of flooding, especially in the Bay Area.

In diagrams that draw upon temperature and rainfall effects to project future crop yields, it is shown that the Midwest will see a dramatic decrease Oral Steroids Poison Oak of yield, while the Northwest area, especially parts of Oregon and Washington, may actually benefit in the "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" next Australian Levitra several decades.

Along with the increase of natural disasters, the researchers have projected crime rates to increase as a result of rising temperatures.

James Rising, a doctoral student from Columbia University who worked on the report, believes the report should be "an evolving work," having set up a framework to apply new climate data and research as they emerge.

"There are real opportunities for students and also scientists to bring together technology, science and economics along the lines of what we''ve done," he said.